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Dr. Pappas, I am having trouble translating the verses.    Read More

Dr. Pappas, Do you have any tips for memorizing the present verb forms.  Read More

Dr. Pappas, A friend tells me that Romans 5:13 says that before the ten commandments sin was not  imputed to mankind. I do not see the definite article with the law, what is going on with this  verse?  Read More

Dr. Pappas, I have a question about the use of eimi, in 1 Tim 1:15. A Danish Bible translation translates the eime, was, and some  argue that Paul was saying we no longer are sinners. What’s your take on this?  Read More

Dr. Pappas, I’m hoping that you can provide some insight into the following passage, from The Book of Matthew: Matthew 16:18?  Read More

Dr. Pappas, I’m hoping that you can provide some insight into the translation of John 1:1  Read More

Dr. Pappas, I am confused. I was looking at a book I came across and they both said that the diphthongs for ei was pronounced like a long a as in eight, and ai was pronounced like long i as in the word like.  Read More

Dr. Pappas, when Jesus turned water into wine, I have had discussions about this with other people saying that it was  alcoholic wine. And it’s my belief that it was unfermented fruit of the vine (grape juice). I believe people at that
time used the word “wine” interchangeably to mean both fruit juice and alcoholic beverage. In the Greek language what is it?  Read More

Dr. Pappas, I heard you say a saved person is declared righteous. How can a person be righteous?  Answer: To be declared righteous is a forensic pronouncement. The word forensic is from the Latin meaning, …  Read More

Dr. Pappas, Who is the author to Hebrew?  Answer: I do not know who wrote the letter to the Hebrews. Your point is a good one. But here is what I do know…  Read More

Dr. Pappas Why do you not list a stative active in your intermediate grammar?
Answer: The stative active has more to do with the state of being verb “to be” than the active voice…  Read More